CFO Consulting Services in Atlanta, GA

CFO Consulting Services

CFO Services in Atlanta, GA

In increasing numbers, companies are choosing to outsource the CFO role, or to supplement a staff position with CFO consulting services. While the specific reasons behind the decision to do so vary, there are many benefits companies can realize, including:

HR onboarding and training expense savings

By choosing to use CFO consulting services, companies can eliminate the need to source, recruit, hire and onboard candidates. Because our CFO consulting professionals are not your employees, you also save by not having to provide employee benefits. In addition, costs associated with training someone to fulfill the CFO responsibilities are also no longer necessary, resulting in additional cost savings.

Help with day-to-day financial tasks

CFO consulting is as much about day-to-day responsibilities as it is about big-picture thinking. CFO consultants can help with the minutia of payroll, bookkeeping and everyday accounting tasks.

Senior-level experience

When you utilize Flick Financial's CFO services, you are getting the experience and expertise that comes with our knowledgeable personnel. Our consulting experts have a finger on the pulse of your industry, and can help you take advantage of growth opportunities. Our deep knowledge and expertise also mean that you can have the confidence you need to know that financial filings will receive the specialized attention they need. 

Planning and reporting

CFO consulting services provide companies with valuable planning, budgeting and forecasting, in addition to management reporting services. Our consultants can help evaluate where your company has been in order to help you take it in the direction you envision. Reporting can be structured to provide company leadership with the information they want and need to know, when you want them to know it.

Help with M&A due diligence and transactions

If your company is involved in a merger or acquisition (on either side of the transaction), CFO services can help by providing help with developing work papers, gathering documentation, conducting due diligence on other organizations involved in the transaction and help with the ultimate transfer of CFO responsibilities. 

Assistance with financing decisions

Let our CFO consulting experts help with your private equity and debt financing decisions, as well as helping you prepare for investor meetings and for bank financing transactions.

Selecting and implementing financial tools

Overwhelmed by the choices for financial software for your company? Our CFO consultants can help you evaluate the various options, and select and finally implement tools that work well for other similarly-sized companies in your industry. 

Audit preparation and Assistance

CFO consulting includes help preparing financial information for audit, and we can be a liaison between you and your audit firm.

Interim (short-term) or long-term engagement

Whether you just need help with CFO responsibilities during a period of vacancy or are looking for ongoing help for your organization, we can fill the need. Our professional consultants can also help transition responsibilities to a new or returning staff employee.

Choosing CFO consulting services allows companies to realize all of the benefits of having a CFO on staff at a fraction of the cost of actually doing so. 

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