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CFO On Call Program

CFO Services When You Need Them: CFO On-Call Program

When you need a CFO but do not have one on staff, Flick Financial has you covered with our CFO On-Call program. 

CFO Consulting Services Just a Phone Call Away

Many accounting firms offer basic CFO services, such as year-round basic accounting and tax services. We do that too, but we also go beyond the basics to offer services that would normally be handled by a CFO. We are here to help you with things like budgeting and cash flow projections, planning and reporting, and we can help with day-to-day financial bookkeeping and payroll.

Business Accounting is More Critical than Ever

Making financial decisions for your business impacts more than just you and your family; your employees, vendors, service providers and even other businesses can all be affected in different ways. With a myriad of accounting regulations and reporting requirements affecting different industries and types of businesses, seemingly small decisions can have a big impact on the future success or failure of your business.

There is simply too much at stake today for business owners who are not accounting or finance professionals to try to handle all of their own budgeting, cash flow projections and financial reporting. Flick Financial takes pride in helping businesses meet these challenges head-on, so business owners can focus on what matters most: growing and running their businesses.

Senior-Level CFO Consulting Services on Your Budget

We understand you have a budget to operate within when it comes to in-house and outsourced staff, including financial staffing. When you choose on-call CFO services from Flick Financial, LLC, you will only pay for the services you need. By choosing our affordable CFO consulting services, you can free up additional dollars in your business budget to help you reach your business and personal financial goals. 

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise you would expect from a senior-level corporate CFO at affordable rates.

Determining a Need for On-Call CFO Services

We understand that it can be hard to identify whether you need on-call CFO services. Here are four questions we think every business owner should ask themselves. If you cannot answer all of these, it is probably time to reach out for professional CFO consulting services. 

1. What is your financial forecast for the upcoming quarter? What about the upcoming year?

2. Are your cash flows in line with what you expect?

3. Are you on track with your budget, or do you need help identifying how to get back on track?

4. Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

Why Choose On-Call CFO Services from Flick Financial, LLC?

Maybe your full-time CFO is out on leave, or perhaps you are in-between CFOs. Or, if you are like many small to medium-sized businesses, your company just doesn't need a full-time CFO yet. Whatever the reason is, you can rest easy knowing that Flick Financial, LLC is on call to provide you with a full range of the CFO services Atlanta business owners need.

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