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If you owe money to the IRS, the state of Georgia or to another state or local taxing authority, it can be tempting to try to ignore the problem and hope it will just go away on its own. Unfortunately, every day the tax debt is unpaid means additional interest and penalties are added to the unpaid principal amount. 

And, although it may take some time for the IRS or other taxing authorities to begin trying to collect back taxes, once they do, they take their role as debt collectors very seriously. As with any debt collector, the mail and phone calls can make your life miserable, especially if you do not have the means to resolve the issue and pay the back taxes in full. 

If you need IRS help, Flick Financial can work to help you find an efficient, affordable and discreet solution and will work with the IRS or other taxing authority to help you get out from what can seem like an insurmountable problem. 

Here are some common tax problems, and ways we can help:


If you have received notification that your taxes are being audited, we can help by providing IRS audit representation, so you will have a professional to handle communications and will not have to go it alone.

Previous Tax Returns

If you are required to file tax returns, failing to file them is a crime. If you have unfiled returns, Flick Financial can help you with your previous years' tax returns to get you back in compliance with the law.

Back Taxes

Once your returns have all been filed, we can help you determine the total amount you owe in back taxes, interest and penalties. Flick Financial can help you determine possible ways to address your tax obligations.

Payroll Tax Problems

Business owners who fail to make timely payroll tax payments can face serious repercussions. Flick Financial can provide professional representation and assistance for payroll tax problems

Tax Liens and Levies

If the IRS places a tax lien against your property or a tax levy against your bank account, contact Flick Financial. We may be able to help get liens and levies removed. 

Wage Garnishments

The IRS may try to recoup their lost tax revenue by garnishing your wages. Flick Financial may be able to help remove wage garnishments by helping you establish a payment plan for your unpaid tax obligation.

IRS Seizures

If your tax obligations are seriously delinquent and you have ignored attempts to collect the debt, the IRS may attempt to seize your property. Tax seizures are serious matters that require professional handling.

Flick Financial Can Help

For any of the above tax problems, Flick Financial offers IRS help to identify and implement ways to handle your obligations. Some common solutions include:

To find out what is in your own IRS file, we can also help you obtain and understand the information. 

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