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IRS Audit Representation

IRS Audit Representation in Atlanta

For many people, few things are more frightening than receiving notice in the mail of an upcoming tax audit. Even if you are as confident as can be that your tax returns were accurate and complete, the prospect of the IRS scrutinizing your returns can be nerve-wracking. But, when you have professionals with experience on your side, it doesn't need to be a scary process.

What is Involved in an Audit?

An audit means that the IRS will review and examine the information provided in your tax returns to verify that the amount of taxes reported and paid were substantially correct. 

Audits may be conducted through the mail, through one or more in-person interviews, or a combination of the two. If in-person interviews will take place, they may be scheduled at an IRS office, an accountant's office, your home or your office. 

The IRS will notify you as to what records you need to provide for the audit. Timing for an audit will depend on the scope of the audit, the complexity, and the availability of both documentation and of the parties. 

At the conclusion of the audit, you will be notified if there are proposed changes to your return; in some cases, no changes are proposed. If changes are proposed and you disagree with them, you may request a further review or appeal the findings.

How are Returns Selected for Audit?

There are several ways your return might have been chosen to be audited, including:

  • Random selection. A certain percentage of returns are selected for audit at random.
  • Documents. If the information you reported on your return does not match the information reported on other documents provided to the IRS, such as W-2 or 1099 forms, your return may be audited.
  • Related audits. If your return is related to another return that was selected for audit, your return may be audited too.

Do not Ignore the Audit Notice!

If your return was selected for audit, you will be notified either by telephone call with a follow-up letter, or simply by mail. The IRS will not notify you by email. 

Although it can be tempting to just ignore the notice, don't do that! If you fail to comply with the auditors' requests, the IRS can recalculate your taxes and leave you standing with the bill. 

Why Choose Flick Financial, LLC for Audit Representation

Hiring a professional to represent you in an audit just makes sense. People who try to save money by representing themselves can end up making costly errors during the interview and response processes because they are unfamiliar with IRS audit techniques and let fear of the unknown take over.

When you choose Flick Financial to represent you, you will likely not even need to talk directly with the IRS auditors because we will handle all of the communications and paperwork for you, from start to finish.

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