Personal Financial Planning in Atlanta, GA

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning in Atlanta

Maybe you have specific dreams for your retirement, or you want to fund your children's or grandchildren's education. Maybe you want to leave a legacy to future generations or charitable organizations. Your financial picture and dreams are as individual as you are, so don't take a one-size-fits-all approach toward financial planning.

When you work with Flick Financial, you can expect one-on-one, tailored support, and a personal financial plan that includes investment strategies designed to help you manage risk so your goals will be within reach. Here are some of the ways we help clients through personal financial planning:

Retirement planning

We'll work with you to help you identify how much money you'll need in retirement to meet your lifestyle goals based on various scenarios. Then, we'll compare your current assets and retirement funding to those needs to help you identify any shortfalls, considering all available income sources in retirement such as Social Security and pension income. 

Then, with your financial situation, risk tolerance, goals and time horizon in mind, we'll explore investment strategies designed to help you make progress. As your retirement date approaches, you can have confidence that your investment portfolio is working hard to help you realize your goals.

Education planning

If paying some or all of the cost of your children's or grandchildren's education is important to you, we'll help you take a real look at the numbers to determine various strategies to help you make that goal a reality. 

We'll evaluate all potential funding sources, your current financial picture and your risk tolerance to identify shortfalls and potential roadblocks to success. By incorporating all of that information, you'll be better positioned to achieve your goals through tailored investment strategies. 

Planning for the unexpected

Flick Financial can also help you plan for the "what if" situations in life. If you were to become disabled or die prematurely, would your loved ones have the financial security you want them to have? We'll help you evaluate your insurance and savings needs and where you are today, so we can make a plan to address any gaps.

Legacy planning

If leaving a charitable legacy is important to you, or if you want to make a plan to transfer wealth to future generations, personal financial planning from Flick Financial can help you plan to make those goals more attainable. Whether your financial situation is simple or complex, we have the experience and knowledge to design an investment and wealth transfer plan for legacy funding goals.

Wealth management

While defining future goals is important, it is also important to make sure your current wealth is being managed in a way that makes sense based on your overall financial picture and risk tolerance. Flick Financial can help you make a plan designed to maximize returns, minimize risk and preserve wealth in a way that lets you sleep at night. 

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