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In addition to offering financial planning for individuals and a wide range of business accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation and compliance services, Flick Financial, LLC also offers a full suite of tax planning services for both individuals and businesses.

The primary goal of our tax services is to identify and help you implement strategies designed to maximize your after-tax income, so you can use more of your money for what's important to you. To help you reach this goal, we draw on our expertise and experience, and collaborate with you throughout the process. And, rather than just focusing on tax planning at the end of the year, we will help you identify planning opportunities throughout the year, when you can benefit from them most.

Tax planning for individuals and families

For individuals and families, we will take a comprehensive look at your financial picture to identify ways to help you make the most of your assets and income. Planning for individuals often includes advice related to:

  • Estate, trust and gift tax planning, so you can make the most of your estate legacy
  • Income tax projections, and analysis of the tax implications of deferring income to a future tax year
  • Tax implications of a pending or contemplated divorce or marriage
  • Tax consequences of a recent or contemplated bankruptcy
  • Timing of distributions from retirement accounts
  • Tax implications of different retirement savings vehicles
  • Review of various tax credits that may be available
  • Analysis of tax implications of investing in or purchasing a business
  • State residency issues and tax consequences of different options
  • Taxation of real estate purchases and sales

Tax planning for businesses

For business owners, tax services often include many of the same areas listed above, but also include topics such as:

  • Projections, forecasting and budgeting
  • State and Local Tax (SALT) matters, including income and franchise, real and personal property tax, sales and use, unclaimed property and more.
  • Business tax credits, including renewable energy, new markets, research and other tax credits
  • Choice of business entity and transaction structuring advice for mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax and accounting due diligence reviews for potential acquisitions
  • Accounting method reviews
  • Internal controls and reporting
  • Multi-state tax planning for businesses operating in more than one state
  • International tax assistance for businesses with a global reach
  • Advice and planning related to the use of employee benefit retirement plans
  • Choice of accounting software 
  • Business succession planning

By reviewing and analyzing a wide range of factors that can impact your personal and/or business taxes, Flick Financial, LLC can help you realize significant tax savings over time. The tax code is complex, so it is important to choose a tax preparer with the knowledge and deep expertise to help you identify and implement legitimate strategies to take full advantage of federal, state and local tax laws. We stay on top of the rules and regulations so you don't need to be an expert in them.

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